Our products are mainly divided into two categories: potato flakes and flavored instant mashed potatoes. Potato flakes are the core raw material for flavored instant mashed potatoes and can be used for the production of leisure foods like potato chips and other food products.

Standard Potato Flakes Overviews

Product Description

Standard potato flakes are one of the most common dehydrated products. The production procedure is to peel-washed fresh potato by a combination of using high-pressure steam and water wash, then it needs to be sliced, pre-cooked, and cooled. And, it needs to be cooked, mashed, and drum-dried. For final use, dried potato flakes by one or more grinding or milling can be prepared into standard flakes or standard milled flakes. Potato flakes have a standard color of bright white. After rehydration, it turns to a dry and powdery texture, with the typical flavor of fresh cooked and mashed potato. Potato flakes are a kind of versatile material, usually used for dining and baked food, and also applied in other food manufacturers.

Recommendations of use

Instant mashed potatoes can be used for:

  • Dining
  • Family daily food
  • Buffet
  • Fried meatballs
  • Pasta
  • Snack foods
  • Most kinds of baked goods including cakes, cookies, pancakes, muffins, fried donuts, bread, dumplings, cornbread
  • As a thickener for gravies, sauces, and stew
  • Used as wrapped flour for cooking fish, meat, and vegetables
  • Used as a binder for meat and fish
  • Pet food


  • Ideal Rehydration Method:
    • Standard rehydration should use cold milk with water up to 77 °C.
    • This method ensures a smooth powdery texture.
  • Avoid Boiling Water:
    • Boiling water should be avoided for rehydration.
    • Rehydrating in boiling water could cause cells to rehydrate too quickly.
    • Rapid rehydration may lead to cell rupture and result in a viscous texture.


Free soluble starchMedium
Cell breakage rateLow – Medium
AdditivesMonoglycerides; Pyrophosphate; Citric acid; Sodium bisulfite (optional)

After the water complex texture: powdery, fluffy, fresh mashed potatoes and similar

Potato Flakes Specifications:

Bulk Density250 – 450 g/ft³
Particle Size100% thro 1.7 mm (1680 Mic)
Moisture Content10.0% (Max) by Weight
Sulfur Dioxide180 ppm (Max)
Reducing Sugars2.5% – 0.4%

Microbial Limits:

TPC (Total Plate Count)100,000/g (Max)
Coliforms100/g (Max)
Enteropathogenic E. coliAbsent

Nutrition Per 100GRM. Appr: 

Moisture6.00 g
Crude Protein5.50 g
Carbohydrates85.00 g
Dietary Fiber0.25 kg
Crude Fat0.25 g
Calories380.0 Kcal

The Process of potato flakes production:

  1. Washing and Sorting: Fresh Potatoes are washed and removed dirt and debris. They are also sorted to ensure a consistent size for even cooking.
  2. Peeling: We need to peel the potatoes using peeling machines before the next processing stage.
  3. Cooking: The potatoes are cooked by high-temperature steam to ensure the potatoes become soft and can be easily mashed.
  4. Mashing: The cooked potatoes will be mashed into a uniform consistency at this stage by large industrial rollers or similar equipment.
  5. Drum Drying: Here the mashed potato is spread onto a rotating heated drum. As the drum turns, scrapers can remove the dried potato layer, which forms a continuous sheet.
  6. Milling and Sifting: The dried potato sheet will be broken up into flakes using mills and sifters. The size and texture of the flakes can be controlled at this stage.
  7. Packing: The finished potato flakes are cooled and packaged in airtight containers to prevent moisture absorption and spoilage.

The Key Technology used in potato flakes production:

  • Drum dryers: These are large and heated cylinders that rotate continuously. The mashed potato is spread onto the drum’s surface, where the heat rapidly dries it.
  • Milling and Sifting equipment: Industrial mills and sifters are used to break up the dried potato sheet into flakes of the desired size and texture.
  • Temperature control systems: Precise temperature control is crucial throughout the cooking and drying stages to ensure consistent quality and prevent scorching.

Flavored Instant Mashed Potatoes

Cheese-flavored instant mashed potato powder

Elevate Your Product Offerings:

You can take your food business to the next level with our bulk-flavored instant mashed potato powder. This product allows you to create delicious and convenient potato-based products effortlessly.

Flavor Variety & Customization:

We offer popular flavors like classic, chicken, cheese, butter, black pepper beef, etc. which are perfect for instant mashed potato products.

Customizable Options:

Don’t see any flavor you want? We can create unique flavor profiles to match your specific product vision and target audience. We can help to develop a lot of different flavored products to enhance your business.

Various Package Options:

We offer a range of bulk sizes (300g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg bags or cans) to fit your production needs, with competitive pricing for cost-effective manufacturing.

Cost Saving For Clients:

Quick and easy rehydration with hot water minimizes your production time and labor costs. Plus, the extended 12-month shelf life simplifies your inventory management.

Applications :

  • Instant Mashed Potato Products: Producing restaurant-quality instant mashed potatoes with a variety of flavor options.
  • Soup & Stew Bases: Enhancing the flavor and texture of your soups and stews with a creamy potato base.
  • Snack & Bakery Applications: Expand your product line with innovative potato-infused snacks or savory bakery fillings.
  • Restaurant & Foodservice: Offering quick and delicious potato side dishes to enhance your menu.