About Us

XionBioTech Co., Ltd

For more than ten years, we have been professionally engaged in the production and processing of potato flakes and flavored instant mashed potatoes. We have a modern and large raw material production line and a dedicated instant flavored mashed potatoes powder processing and production line.

We have provided OEM services for a large number of customers. Currently, these products are hot-selling on major e-commerce platforms in China, and they are also exported in large quantities all over the world.

Our core competitiveness comes from our strict control of product quality, our efficient management of processing costs, and our professional technical support. The development of new products is another major advantage of ours. We can customize products according to your needs, including the flavor of the product and the specifications of the packaging.

We are one of the few registered enterprises in China for the export of potato whole flour and instant mashed potato flour. Unlike other companies and brands, we support the sales of small and medium-sized batches of products for your convenience.

Potato flakes Factory Photo

Development History

  • 2008: We began construction of a potato flakes production line.
  • 2012: The production line reached full capacity.
  • 2014: We became a supplier for PepsiCo China.
  • 2014: Products began to be exported to many countries.
  • 2015: We launched small-packaged products for catering and families.
  • 2015: Our small-packaged products became the number one hot-selling mashed potato flour product on Taobao.
  • 2017: We further expanded our production scale.
  • 2018-Present: We have continued steady development, focusing on improving product quality, reducing costs, and creating the greatest value for our customers.