Original Instant Mashed Potato Flakes OEM

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Original Instant Mashed Potato Powder

Product Description

Original instant mashed potato flakes are a convenient and delicious way to enjoy classic mashed potatoes. Made with high-quality potato flakes and salt, it’s perfect for busy families or anyone who wants a quick and easy comfort food side dish.


  • Potato Flakes
  • Salt


  1. Bring 80 degrees Celsius water or milk to a boil.
  2. Add water or milk and potato powder in a ratio of 1:5 (e.g., 1 cup water or milk to 5 cups potato powder).
  3. Let stand for one minute.
  4. Stir evenly with a whisk or fork until smooth and creamy.

Serving Size: One serving is typically ½ cup (100g) of potato powder.


  • Suitable for catering, baking and home use.
  • An excellent product for retail and dedicated channels.

Product Advantages

  • Shelf life of up to 2 years
  • Good taste and texture
  • Convenient and quick to use

Additional Information

  • Customize the flavor by adding butter, herbs, or spices to your liking.
  • Enjoy with meat, vegetables, or salad for a complete meal.

Storage Tips

  • Once opened, consume as soon as possible.
  • Do not store the product in high temperatures or humid environments.

Referring Nutritional Information Table


Package Options

  • 300g/bag (single serving)
  • 500g/bag
  • 1kg/bag
  • Customized


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