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Boxed Potato Flakes | Mashed Potatoes OEM

Packaging Customization Details

Product Packaging:

  • Two layers: outer box and inner packaging.
  • Inner packaging bag: Sealed with food-grade aluminum film, and placed inside the outer box.
  • Outer box: Printed cardboard containing all product information. The inner bag is either printed in monochrome or left unprinted.

Product Customization:

  • Boxed Potato Flakes:
    • We recommend you choose higher-density milled potato flakes to avoid the product being too lightweight.
  • Flavored Mashed Potatoes:
    • Available in various flavors, including cheese, butter, chicken, black pepper beef, and creamy flavors.
    • Custom seasoning blends can be made according to your recipe.
    • We can also assist in developing new flavored products.

Advantages of Boxed Potato Flakes:

  • Better product image: More appealing than bagged products.
  • Shelf display: Easier and neater to stack on supermarket shelves.
  • Hygienic packaging: Dual-layer packaging reduces the risk of contamination.
  • Convenience: Easier for users to store in the kitchen, saving space.
  • Clean storage: After opening, the product is less likely to gather dust.
  • No leakage: The dual-layer packaging minimizes powder leakage.
  • Cost-effective for small batches: The MOQ for paper boxes is 500 units, compared to over 10,000 for printed bags.
  • Eco-friendly: The inner bag is usually made of aluminum foil, which is more environmentally friendly than PP/PE printed bags.

Disadvantages of Boxed Potato Flakes:

  • Small capacity: Larger products in boxes can lead to oversized, more easily damaged packaging.
  • Higher packaging cost: Dual-layer packaging increases the cost per unit.
  • Higher transportation cost: Boxed products have greater bulk weight, increasing shipping expenses.
  • More production steps: Additional packaging steps for boxed products raise production costs.


Boxed products offer numerous advantages in terms of product image, sales display, and user convenience. However, the main drawback is the higher cost, which needs you to think about and calculate.

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