potato flakes vs mashed potatoes powder

Potato Flakes vs Mashed Potato Powder | Differences and How to Choose

Mashed potatoes are a popular and beloved dish that people often make at home by steaming and mashing potatoes. However, you can also make delicious mashed potatoes using potato flakes or mashed potato powder by simply mixing them with hot water or hot milk.

Many people might wonder if potato flakes and mashed potato powder are the same thing. If not, what are the differences between them? How do their uses differ?

potato flakes vs mashed potatoes powder

Are Potato Flakes and Mashed Potato Powder the Same?

  • Strictly speaking, they are not the same product; there are significant differences between the two.
  • The key difference is that potato flakes are considered an ingredient or raw material used in many food processing applications, such as making potato chips, which we all love.
  • Mashed potato powder, on the other hand, is made from potato flakes as its main ingredient.

Although you can directly use potato flakes to make mashed potatoes at home easily, I still recommend using mashed potato powder, even though it tends to be more expensive than potato flakes.

Potato Flakes vs. Mashed Potato Powder: What Are the Differences?

Appearance Differences

Potato Flakes:

  • Potato flakes look like snowflakes, thin like paper, and are usually pure white or slightly yellowish.
  • The color variation is mainly due to the different potato varieties used in processing.
  • Because they are flake-like, potato flakes have low density, so even a large bag won’t be very heavy.

Mashed Potato Powder:

  • Mashed potato powder is processed from potato flakes.
  • It is a fine powder, usually between 80 to 100 mesh.
  • Mashed potato powder often contains other ingredients mixed in, even plain versions usually have a bit of salt or sugar added.
  • There are two types of raw materials used to make mashed potato powder: potato flakes and potato granules.
  • Potato flakes are more commonly produced in China, while potato granules are more commonly produced in Europe and America.

Price Differences

  • Potato flakes, being a pure food ingredient, don’t involve much additional labor or formula costs.
  • Mashed potato powder, especially the flavored kinds, involves more production steps and ingredients, making it more expensive.
  • If you enjoy DIY, potato flakes are a more cost-effective choice. If you prefer a particular flavor of mashed potato powder, you’ll need to spend a bit more. Sometimes, creating your own unique mashed potato flavor can be a fun experience, don’t you think?

Production Process Differences

  • The production of potato flakes is relatively complex as it involves processing potatoes into dehydrated flakes.
  • The production of mashed potato powder is simpler, mainly involving mixing the necessary ingredients with finely ground potato flakes and packaging the mixture.
  • Manufacturers of potato flakes are typically large-scale operations due to the need to ensure profitability.
  • Mashed potato powder can be produced by smaller companies because the processing steps are fewer and simpler.

Different Customs Declarations and HS Codes When Purchasing from China

  • It’s important to explain this part to purchasing customers to justify why mashed potato powder is more expensive.
  • The customs declaration name for potato flakes is “Potato flakes,” with HS code 1105200000.
  • The customs declaration name for mashed potato powder is “Mashed potato powder,” with HS code 2005200000.

Application Differences

  • Potato flakes have a broader range of applications beyond making mashed potato powder. They are used in making potato chips, baked goods, and many snack foods.
  • Mashed potato powder is an end product mainly used for quickly making mashed potatoes.

potato flakes vs mashed potatoes powder

Which Is Better for You: Potato Flakes or Mashed Potato Powder?

  • If you enjoy innovation, such as developing new baked goods, potato flakes are the better choice due to their versatility.
  • If you prefer quickly making mashed potatoes without the hassle of preparing many ingredients, mashed potato powder is the way to go.
  • Beyond food, potato flakes are also used as an important material in fish bait because of their excellent and quick rehydration properties, allowing them to disperse quickly in water.
  • Potato flakes are relatively cheaper but are usually sold in large packages (over 10 kg), making them harder to buy directly at retail.
  • Mashed potato powder made from potato granules has a different texture compared to those made from potato flakes; you might want to try it out. Mashed potato powder made from potato granules tends to be smoother.

Where to Buy Potato Flakes and Mashed Potato Powder

  • Mashed potato powder is easier to purchase, often available in supermarkets and online.
  • Buying small packages of potato flakes can be more challenging, but you can contact me directly.

I have been involved in the production of potato flakes and the development of mashed potato powder for over ten years. If you are interested in these products, I would be very happy to discuss and explore them with you.

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