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We are Xion Biotech Co., Ltd., headquartered in Hebei, China. Selama lebih sedekad, kami mempunyai pakar dalam pembangunan dan penyesuaian produk kepingan kentang. Kami mempunyai kilang pengeluaran makanan yang disahkan sepenuhnya dan makmal pembangunan dan ujian produk. Our high level of production processes and quality is confirmed by the FSSC 22000, FDA, ISO9001, Halal, Kosher certificates, and the TR CU 021 Declaration of Compliance.

The product is suitable for potato chips, snacks, fast food, baking and home cooking, etc.

Kami memiliki pangkalan penanaman kentang kami dan membanggakan barisan pengeluaran terkemuka untuk serbuk serpihan kentang dan pemprosesan kentang tumbuk berperisa. Kami menawarkan bahan mentah serbuk serpihan kentang berkualiti tinggi dan pelbagai produk kentang lecek segera berperisa dan disesuaikan.

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Pada masa ini, beberapa produk kentang lecek segera berperisa laris di pasaran domestik China, menjadi item popular di platform e-dagang seperti Taobao dan Pinduoduo. Selain itu, produk kami telah dieksport ke beberapa negara, dengan produk kentang lecek segera berperisa tersuai kami dijual di saluran katering dan pasar raya merentasi pelbagai wilayah.

As one of the top factories in China engaged in the export of customized instant mashed potato products, we provide customers with:

  • The highest quality products
  • Flexible customization and development solutions
  • Competitive purchasing prices
  • Comprehensive service

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Customized Design Solutions

We are offering professional services for the customized development and production of flavored instant mashed potato products to meet client specifications and preferences.

Convenient International Export

We are one of the few Chinese factories that are registered and qualified to export potato flakes and instant mashed potatoes. We make the process simple for you.

Personalized Experience and More Choices

Most potato flour factories do not offer sample and small batch order services, but we can do it to meet your business development needs.

FAQs about Potato Flakes & Mashed Potato

Potato flakes are the material of dehydrated mashed potatoes. They are made by cooking some specific varieties of potatoes, mashing and drying, and using drum dryers process. This process can remove most of the moisture content, and create a shelf-stable product that can be easily rehydrated with water or milk.

here are many benefits of using potato flakes:

  • Convenience: Using potato flakes is a quick and easy way to prepare mashed potatoes. You can simply add hot water or milk and stir.
  • Shelf-life: Potato flakes have a long shelf life, typically more than 12 months, so using potato flakes is a good choice for long-term storage.
  • Versatility: Potato flakes can be used for a lot dishes, such as potato pancakes, soups, stews, and baking etc.
  • Cost-effective: Potato flakes are considered as a cost-effective option than buying fresh potatoes, especially if you don’t use them frequently.

Potato flakes are considered as a good source of carbohydrates, which provides some vitamins and minerals. Some commercially available instant mashed potato flakes may contain added ingredients like salt, butter, and flavorings.

Potato flakes and instant mashed potato powder aren’t a great difference. Potato flakes can be considered as the material of mashed potatoes because flavored mashed potatoes are mixed with different ingredients with potato flakes. Both of them are dehydrated mashed potatoes. Some manufacturers may use slightly different processing methods or grind the flakes into a finer powder for a smoother texture in the final product.

We offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services for potato flakes. This allows you to create custom potato flakes with specific flavors, colors, and textures to meet your needs. You can also add additional ingredients like herbs, spices, or dehydrated vegetables to create unique flavor profiles for your brand.

here are many ways to make flavored instant mashed potato powder:

  • Seasoning Blends: Dry herbs, spices, and dehydrated vegetables can be added in during the processing stage to make classic flavors like butter & onion, cheddar cheese, or roasted chicken.
  • Natural Flavor Extracts: Concentrated natural flavor extracts can be used to achieve bolder flavors like roasted chicken, smoky barbecue, or even creamy broccoli cheddar.
  • Dehydrated Ingredients: Adding real dehydrated ingredients like roasted vegetables, cheese pieces, or cooked and dried meat bits. They can provide a more robust texture and intense flavor experience.
  • Balancing Flavor & Texture: Creating a harmonious balance between the desired flavor profile and the smooth texture that makes a challenge of perfect instant mashed potatoes
  • Preserving Flavor Intensity: Strong flavors can sometimes lose their potency during the dehydration process, therefore it requires careful selection of ingredients and processing techniques.
  • Maintaining Shelf Life: Flavored ingredients highly possibly have a shorter shelf life than potato flakes, so it needs the producer careful to consider the storage conditions and packaging materials.

Absolutely! We here offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services for flavored instant mashed potato powder. You can collaborate with them to develop unique flavor profiles, choose specific ingredients, and even design custom packaging for your brand.

  • Experience & Expertise: Looking for a manufacturer with a proven track record in developing and producing high-quality flavored instant mashed potato products, so choose a manufacturer like us.
  • Customization Options: Choose a manufacturer that can accommodate your specific flavor and branding requirements.
  • Quality Control Standards: Ensure the manufacturer adheres to strict quality control measures to ensure product consistency and safety. For example, we have all the qualifications and certificates of standard production and quality control.
  • Production Capacity: Consider your projected production needs. but our capacity will surely meet your demands.
  • Increased Market Appeal: Flavored varieties cater to a broader range of consumer preferences, expanding your market reach.
  • Improved Profit Margins: Unique and innovative flavors can command higher prices compared to plain instant mashed potatoes.
  • Brand Differentiation: Developing your own signature flavored instant mashed potato options helps establish brand identity and stand out from competitors.