Potato Flakes 1.65lb (750ز) High-Quality Home Use


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This product is an original رقائق البطاطس without any flavors added. It is the top brand in China and has 100% positive customer reviews.


Product Information
IngredientsDehydrated potato flakes (dehydrated potato powder)
Product NameMashed Potato Powder
Specification 1.65lb/bag (750g/bag)
Shelf Life18 شهور
Storage ConditionsCool, dry, and ventilated place
Place of OriginZhangjiakou, مقاطعة خبي
Nutritional Information
ItemPer 100g
Energy1575 kJ
Protein9.9 ز
Fat1.2 ز
Carbohydrate80.2 ز
Sodium40 mg

How to use

  • Add an appropriate amount of potato flakes, salt, or other seasonings according to personal preference.
  • Let it sit for 30 seconds before stirring it into a mashed consistency.
  • Add 4-5 times the amount of hot milk or hot water.
  • Enjoy the nutritious and delicious mashed potatoes


  • 100% use of Atlantic potatoes as raw material.
  • Certified halal by Indonesia.
  • Produced by the world-renowned manufacturerHongji.
  • Slightly expensive but of outstanding quality.


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